Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Diary of planning

Photographs That I Intent To Use On The Main Website

First Artwork

This is the first artwork that I produced from scratch using Adobe Photoshop. It will be used in my preliminary school website in the banner.

Main Website Survey

This is the survey that I gave to the target audience to complete to help me with the production of my website. It will help me to gather information about what the audience want from the website and therefore help me to produce a better health campaign website.

Final Website Images.

I think the image here works well as it reflects the audience and also the page that it is showing information on. It links other legal drugs such as tobacco which people dont believe to be as harmful as drugs such as methadrone. 

 The soft and calming light blue and grey colours are shown here. The images on the page have been edited on photoshop to link with the colours and design of the page.

 This page works well as the photoshop brushes give the extra effect of attracting the audience. It also makes the page look more aesthetically pleasing also attracting the audience.
 The fonts reflect the idea of drugs and have been blurred by layers to highlight this effect as if you was on drugs.

 I believe this page works well as it shows links to all the drugs pages in a aesthetically pleasing way which links to the topic of the website. The page would have been even better if there was less plain space and other brushes in photoshop could be used.
 I believe that the enter page i have created works well as the short drugs video which loops gets the audience interested as the images seen in it can be related to themselves. The image which i have taken and edited myself in photoshop is hyperlinked to the getting help page and also follows the same convention. The headed banner gives a more professional image to the website so that it looks of a higher quality that having just plain text. Also the brushes give a nice effect on the banner linking with the style of text.
 This web page also reflects the creative arts convention by again keeping the same colours and and effect that the images has been given. I learnt this technique by the skills I have gathered from the use of Iweb.
 Here a search bar has been used in the same place keeping to the conventions of school websites which I found out from my research of existing school websites. The font styles and bottom banner has been used throughout.

Here I have followed conventions by keeping the layout of the page similar to others which are of the same on the market. However I have developed the look of the page as the school is for creative arts which has been reflected in the design of the website due to the colours and font styles used. I think the video that has been incorporated on the main page is a good idea as it gives the audience a brief idea of what the school is like and about.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Setting up Iweb Preliminary

When Iweb was opened to start a new site I clicked on a blank site with a white background. I then removed the title bar and page navigation so the site was completly made from scratch.

Main Website Photoshop Banner